Saturday 5 December 2009

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Sunday 29 November 2009

Friday 27 November 2009

sexy celeb ... now soak it up!!!

can u guess who it is? click the pic for more.......

Friday 2 October 2009

Hardcoreyoutube - Yeswecan OUT NOW!

New Release!

Hardcoreyoutube - yeswecan

Experimental, Hardcore, Electronica

Hardcore youtube is an internet / e-mail based electronic / experimental music collaboration between a number of artists.

Yeswecan is their first release on Tegleg Records.

Hardcoreyoutube - Yeswecan

Track List:

  • 1. Free Myspace Yahoo Msn Aol

  • 2. Funny Market Evolution

  • 3. Obama Space Robot

  • 4. Twitter Is Shit

  • 5. Sonyericssonsamsungu600iphone3gfixfixnokia6300

  • 6. Searchqwindowshelpieutf-8oeutf-8atrlsorgmozillaen-GBfficialclientfirefox-a

  • 7. Microsoft Mutilation Apple deathwish

  • 8. BBC MPs Expenses Violent Police

Download from:

Friday 18 September 2009

tegleg film comp!

a new thing is going on,

tegleg film

Basically make a film 4 tegleg if u wanna, 4 a prize.

It could be a music video, or something else.

Deadline: 1st Dec 2009

Length: 1 sec - 10mins / youtube time

Keep it clean and none offensive and you could be a winner!

tegleg games :?)

A Random selection on our site.

Just head on over to, and click the games tab!

Some r good like sporsmaals Self Destruction game and some r naff, haha.

Please bear with us while we get this bit sorted, the  games and updates will appear as and when!

Have Fun!computer

Wednesday 16 September 2009

Tegleg Halloween gig @ Zoo Cafe, Hull

Tegleg Records Halloween Spectacular @ Zoo Cafe, Hull.

Saturday, 31st Oct 2009

7pm- late

Special guest performances from Applemax, DXN, Keifyb and possibly a little number from Rae Grebby.

Admission is free although donations are welcome and there will be food and hot beverages to purchase.

Alcohol is not for sale at Zoo so remember to bring your own.

So, come along and show us your scary face!

The Zoo Cafe

google map
80b Newland Av
Hull, HU5 3AB

01482 494352

Seeds & Bridges 2009 - arts events in Hull

Hi all,

i'm pleased to announce the 2009 season of the groundbreaking 'seeds & bridges' series:

this year all events are totally free and explore ideas of space and sound / architecture and sonic structures.

please help us by passing on this information - after all, Hull deserves to have this kind of things and without your support it is very hard to convince the funders to support our efforts.

visit: for more info & updates !


october event:

John Grzinich (Estonia)
Max Shentelevs (Latvia)
Simon Whetham (Bristol)

*3 artists working with sound, finding interesting things in our daily spaces and places, combining field recordings with everyday objects and small instruments and even a laptop !. Their work has appeared on various labels and in galleries and concerts all over the world*

Saturday 3rd October
@ RED gallery, Osborne street (behind Primark), Hull
free !


november event:

Patrick Farmer (percussion, stones)
Sarah Hughes (zither, stones, drawing)
Shayla Reynolds (installations)
Jez riley French (surface vibrations, stones, small objects & instruments)

*an afternoon exploration of the sound and spaces of Holy Trinity Church, including installation & sound + a performance of Christian Wolff's seminal text score 'stones' + a new score by Jez riley French*

Saturday 7th November
@ Holy Trinity Church, marketplace, Hull
12 noon to 4pm
free !


december event:

Philip Thomas (piano)

*a rare solo recital in Hull from one of Europe's leading interpreters of contemporary piano works. Philip is senior lecturer in performance at Huddersfield University and for this special performance he will perform graphic scores by Cage, Wolff, Cardew & also one of the four specially commissioned photographic scores for seeds & bridges 2009 by Jez riley french*

Saturday 12th December
@ Ferens Art Gallery, Victoria Square, Hull
free !


+ there will be two more performances - details to be announced soon !

thanks, see you there !


Sunday 13 September 2009

No Disco - This is Earth EP

No Disco (Hull, UK)

Electro / Techno / Melodramatic Popular Song

Just wanted to post this free to download EP that has been brought to my attention. I saw the duo live not so long ago at the Lamp in Hull and  really enjoyed the 8bit vibe.  I've also been told of a possible album coming in the not so distant future so keep your ears peeled for that one.

01 - Woodland
02 - Waterfall
03 - Mountain
04 - Sea

the download link can be found on this forum:

Be sure to download and listen to this ace ep and also check no disco out on myspace ere...

Friday 11 September 2009

tegleg social club
Tegleg Social Club is a place for people.

it has all the usual trappings of a social networking site, profile page, upload music, pictures, video, blogs, messaging... and the rest

come and join the party

see you there!

Sunday 6 September 2009

New DXN tracks & working on new album

I've put  a load of my tracks up on Reverbnation, some old tunes and a few new ones

I'm slowly working on tracks for a new album. Some of the tracks i've been working on are more dubsteppy and bass heavy than previous work, some will be cheeky little electro numbers and some may be experimental soundscapes.

Also trying to create some kind of theme or atmosphere running through album, like a swampy triasic ecosystem, a dreamworld recalled from an ancestrial lizard brain memory. Inspired by the early works of JG Ballard i.e. The Drowned world, The Chrystal World, The Drought... I was stuck with this feeling or atmosphere conjured up by Ballard in these stories. The regression into an ancient subconcious memory of an echology/psychology from which we have evolved.

So that is what has inspired some of my new tracks, where as some tracks on the album will just be just little ditties that I can't get outa my head.

Keep an eye on my Reverbnation page for previews of my new tracks....:o)


Tegleg Records

Sunday 23 August 2009

Rae Grebby - Penguins on the Moon

Rae Grebby alias Rae Grebby/Slippedisco (Hull, UK)

turntablism, ambient, cut n paste, comedy, other.

Rae Grebby is a master of cut n paste music. Taking sounds from a wide variety of sources, he manipulates, destroys, cuts up and arranges them into beautifuly sculpted peices of truly inspired music. Penguins on the Moon is his first solo release on Tegleg Records / Tegleg Digital.

Rae Grebby is a master of cut n paste music. Taking sounds from a wide variety of sources, he manipulates, destroys, cuts up and arranges them into beautifuly sculpted peices of truly inspired music. 'Penguins on the Moon' is his first solo release on Tegleg Records / Tegleg Digital.

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  • Wednesday 19 August 2009

    Tegleg Gig - Saturday 22nd August 2009 @ The New Adelphi Club, Hull

    Here comes a gig! Saturday 22nd August 2009 @ The New Adelphi Club, Hull. Come and enjoy the fun!

    If you have missed one of our gigs or just want to see and hear them again, check out this youtube link!

    Thursday 6 August 2009

    Keifyb - Action 4 Employment

    Keith Bianchi aka Keifyb (Hull, UK)

    Experimental / Electronica / Psychedelic / Other

    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="250" caption="Keifyb - Action 4 Employment"]Keifyb - Action 4 Employment[/caption]

    A merge of digital and retro electronics manipulations are combined to create amazement and irony in your mind. Psychedelic rythmic dance and freedom of sounds explore the possiblities of music making from the comforts of domestic life.

    'Action 4 Employment' teg010 album coming Halloween!!!!


    listen to the sneek peek here (clik it!!!!)

    Thursday 30 July 2009

    Hardcoreyoutube (Hull, UK /France)

    Live Digital/Electronics / Other

    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="250" caption="Hardcoreyoutube - yeswecan "]Hardcoreyoutube - yeswecan [/caption]

    Hardcoreyoutube is an experimental web based band.

    Most of their tracks are email colaborations.

    'yeswecan' Available 30/09/09

    Wednesday 1 July 2009

    Tegleg Records Mega Live Web Blast

    tegleg </ins>recordsTegleg Records Mega Live Web Blast is

    18th july 2009..................

    would you like to watch or get involved in a live experimental electronic webcast? Join Tegleg Records in this exclusive event, with some of the UK's finest up coming electronic artists.

    DXN, Keifyb, Applemax, Klint Fostex and Rae Grebby all playing stuff they like.

    When, 18th of July 2009 and available from the * *links** after to stream again and again.

    Where, on your computer, live in your living room or at a wifi camp site or what ever. :P


    good direct audio but no background noise, crap webcam (5hours)


    compressed laptop mic audio with background noise, cool xbox webcam (3hours)

    we also have a tegleg records youtube channel so please check that out too.

    Tuesday 30 June 2009

    New Release - Jacq Sporadic!!!

    New album from Jacq Sporadic - FEG-SEM ceria
    Superb debut Tegleg release for Jacq Sporadic
    8 tracks of frenetic dnb & melodic electronia

    buy now from
    buy now! on

    also from

    essential purchase
    buy now!!!

    Friday 29 May 2009

    New! Sporsmaal2 - Leg n Bass Collection

    OUT NOW!
    Sporsmaal2 - Leg n Bass Collection

    Featuring a JAKE HOOK Remix

    Available from Tegleg Records

    and many more...

    Tuesday 19 May 2009

    Coming Soon!
    Tegleg Digital
    Our releases on Tegleg Digital will be available on most good music sites.
    stay tuned for more...

    Saturday 2 May 2009

    Out & about in the wilderness

    Took a ride on my cycle out of the city passed the outer boundery up into wild parts, down winding lane & meandering track. Along woodland way past the ruined church in sight of the fishing lakes, then an abrupt turn off the beaten track into wilder parts. Lost in the woods accross the blue carpet all tracks lead to entanglement. Escape from the maze out to a small clearing, time to fill belly and quench thirst. Distant sounds of forrest activity, fishermen celebrating the big catch, a dog barks on a nearby farm, motorcross bikes encroach ever closer but still hidden from view then race into the distance.
    Make contact with the ground, sub-tectonic resonances filter up through fingers & toes, roots spread deeper sucking from the core. Stand up mojo rising branches spread roots dig deeper then jump up and release exploding like a super nova wings unfold. For one moment now & forever released from the ground suspended above the forest canapy. Then back down to earth recharged & fizzing with electrickery. Ahh thats better.......

    Saturday 18 April 2009

    Free Downloads

    The free sample CDs Volumes 1-4 are now available as free downloads at

    Saturday 28 March 2009

    Wonky step wobble bass chip core skweee

    I'm getting well into some of this wonky dubstep type stuff that's been coming out lately and some of the wonky skweee and chip tune crossover mashup ting. It's like drum n bass/jungle used to be before it became all formulaic and turned into standardized electronic rock music. Some dubstep has already become formulaic and predictable but there are some producers doing some wicked stuff at the moment

    Monday 16 March 2009

    Heres some tunes pics and vids 4 y'all

    Tegleg Records Blog!

    tegleg records

    Welcome to the tegleg records blog thing, we r just tinkering with it atm so hopefully we can spaz it out a bit. please keep checking us out for the new stuff coming vsoon.