Sunday, 6 September 2009

New DXN tracks & working on new album

I've put  a load of my tracks up on Reverbnation, some old tunes and a few new ones

I'm slowly working on tracks for a new album. Some of the tracks i've been working on are more dubsteppy and bass heavy than previous work, some will be cheeky little electro numbers and some may be experimental soundscapes.

Also trying to create some kind of theme or atmosphere running through album, like a swampy triasic ecosystem, a dreamworld recalled from an ancestrial lizard brain memory. Inspired by the early works of JG Ballard i.e. The Drowned world, The Chrystal World, The Drought... I was stuck with this feeling or atmosphere conjured up by Ballard in these stories. The regression into an ancient subconcious memory of an echology/psychology from which we have evolved.

So that is what has inspired some of my new tracks, where as some tracks on the album will just be just little ditties that I can't get outa my head.

Keep an eye on my Reverbnation page for previews of my new tracks....:o)


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