Wednesday 12 December 2012

2 New Releases Coming Soon!

Lastest Releases Now and in aBit

Keifyb - Living As Someone Else
Available from 29/12/2012  --------------------------NOW!

After many years of pounding his head against a computer Keifyb bangs out yet another intrigingly delightful album. As you experience this cleverly ironic musical collection you may be left feeling as if you are not one's self. Enlightned darkness, chilled out crazyness and addictive ear candy are a few ways of describing Keifyb's style but there is no doubt there will be a few suprises along way.
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 And Also......

Sporsmaal2 - Duck Goat Fish
Available from 14/01/2013 

Sporsmaal2 -is due soon to release the amazing and wonderful 'Duck Goat Fish' EP.

3 track single
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