Wednesday 31 March 2010

DXN: Remix my new track Bubble Theory

Remix my new tune Bubble Theory 
Download the Loops Pack here:

the track has been separated into loops & samples ready for remixing

send finished remixes to Tegleg Records:


Tuesday 30 March 2010

tegleg records in tenfoot city magazine

Them ace guys at tenfoot city magazine have been nice enough to do a little article about us tegleg guys. i think we overwelmed them with our complex senarios but this is just a wee note to say thank you very much. so go on out to the city of hull and get one of these free little gems.

they also have a website at

Monday 8 March 2010

come type with tegleg

come type with the tegleg crew at this totally random site. you can type random noncence or something insightful would actually be good.
do it at

hope to type with u soon......

DXN - Flapjack ep out soon!

DXN Electronica / Experimental / IDM 

New/old Dxn ep is coming soon!

Digital release of Flapjack maxi single originally recorded in 2005. Flapjack is made with wholesome textured grains and crunchy oat beats.Flex is a haunting soundtrack to a distopian film yet to be made. Ribsocket picks the mood up with it's electro glitch dub swagger, and finally Bonewave's worm like melody burrows itself deep into your sub-concious. 

1. Flapjack
2. Flex
3. Ribsocket
4. Bonewave
Available all over the web.
Release date: 12/03/2010