Wednesday 12 December 2012

2 New Releases Coming Soon!

Lastest Releases Now and in aBit

Keifyb - Living As Someone Else
Available from 29/12/2012  --------------------------NOW!

After many years of pounding his head against a computer Keifyb bangs out yet another intrigingly delightful album. As you experience this cleverly ironic musical collection you may be left feeling as if you are not one's self. Enlightned darkness, chilled out crazyness and addictive ear candy are a few ways of describing Keifyb's style but there is no doubt there will be a few suprises along way.
Spotify -
Buy links coming on soonish, other links available ont google too

 And Also......

Sporsmaal2 - Duck Goat Fish
Available from 14/01/2013 

Sporsmaal2 -is due soon to release the amazing and wonderful 'Duck Goat Fish' EP.

3 track single
In Loving Memory of Integrity 'Teg' the dog. 1997-2012 Tegleg Records
links available ont google atm.............
Tegleg Records

Friday 9 November 2012

Tegs Playground v5 OUT NOW!

Tegs Playground is an action packed arcade open world style game braught to you by Tegleg Records. The crazies have taken over! Raz around in the city having fun and collecting TegHeads to Unlock Mini Games and Special Powers! As well as the main city playground there are 5 mini games to unlock. Some inspired by old classics like Uridium and 1942 and some truly original games like the Gravity based game.
As a special bonus from Tegleg Records, any gameplay video submitted will receive a free download of any album from our catalog, contact us with a link to your video and your album/ep choice. Have Fun :)
For Windows PC.

Tegs Playground v5

Wednesday 10 October 2012

Rae Grebby - Uncle Bert Emperdinck

!!!Another excellent album from Rae Grebby!!! Rae Grebby is a master of copy and paste music making. Using samples from a wide range of sources such as tv, radio, sound library CDs and old vinyl recordings, he experiments, mashes, twists, and re-arranges them into truly original tunes and sometimes weirdly organic musical sound art. A strong sense of narrative, comedic timing and atmosphere runs throughout this album. 'Uncle Bert Emperdink' is his Third solo release on Tegleg Records / Tegleg Digital.

Download From:

and Most Mp3 Sites...
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Saturday 25 August 2012

Out Now! Cat Flavoured Techno! Techno! Techno!

A new EP from Spazoobertron called Techno Pussy is Available Now!

Coming from the streets of Newcastle, Spazoobertron lives, breathes and creates techno in all its forms but favoures the minimal approach. At an early age she was forced to learn the 303 inside an incomplete cat.

Go to
look on the catalog page for a FREE DOWNLOAD!

Friday 6 July 2012

Tegleg Android - New blog

Check out our new Tegleg Android blog -
Looking at possible uses and developing apps for Android Phones and tablets.

Starting with this first post - 
Tegleg Android: android/eclipse talks to pure data like this: This aint gona be any kind of tutorial but more of a quick breeze over what you need to know when making android apps with pure data patches...

Lots of noises coming from the teg development lab so it should get interesting soon.

Tuesday 1 May 2012


SPONIC MESH 3D (beta) try it now!

Some people release music on cd's, mp3's, video and youtube but unlike people tegleg takes releasing music to the next level of audio entertainment.
This is a 3D Audio/Visual Web Browser Multiplayer Presentation from Tegleg Records.

Simply install the Unity Browser plugin
Then load up

As it is multiplayer you are asked if you want to 'Start a Server', if there are other people playing already you will will have the option to 'Connect' to a game. When selected a 'Click Here To Play' will pop up in the lower left. Click it and you away, moving around with your arrow keys or wasd keys. You can jump with the spacebar..

To play the music simply walk through one of the play boxes near the artists name. The track will start playing as soon as it has downloaded the audio file from the server - could take up to about one minute depending on the size of the file.

The boxes, the balls and the tegleg spaceman all have an audio reverb zone attached so when you are near the music your listening to will have a reverb effect. Some sound  different, try em all out....

A few other hidden functions can be found and it is still in development.

Thursday 19 April 2012

tegleg digital on xbox live (total miner - hunger games)

Tegleg records aka tegleg digital - is joining MetalMegaGio for the biggest game of the year - As part of a game of survival, tegleg digital  is playing total miner on xbox live this weekend.

An amazing team of xbox total miner players are hosting a hunger games special event this weekend. Join us if u can for a fun pact event on Saturday the 21st of April 2012..........

If you have total miner and would like to participate in MetalMegaGio's version of hunger games then send him a message. The games begin Saturday 10pm Eastern American time. about 4-5am UK time not sure....

Send a message saying 'i wanna join da hunger gamez on total miner' to.................
Please be nice and please be cool. lol
enjoy the gamez.....................................
hopefully it'll be recorded and uploaded to
fingers crossed ;)

"Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor!”
-Effie Trinket

"Good luck n that, lol"
- tegleg

Wednesday 18 April 2012

TEGLEG'S PLAYGROUND CITY UDK WIP (free downloadable game)

(free downloadable game)

Recently Updated Version - teg's playground build 2 version 2012

Explore the city, collect tegheads, unlock areas, race, drift and stunt drive for points, avoid being killed and escape into space.......



Tuesday 17 January 2012

Numerical - A Sense Of Neglect OUT NOW!

Numerical - A Sense Of Neglect

After a lengthy hiatus, Numerical returns with his brand new EP.Packed with exciting new sounds and styles, "A Sense of Neglect" shows how much Numerical has grown since his first release on Tegleg.Grab your copy of this energetic EP Now!, at all your favourite online stores.

and many more...

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