Tuesday 1 May 2012


SPONIC MESH 3D (beta) try it now!

Some people release music on cd's, mp3's, video and youtube but unlike people tegleg takes releasing music to the next level of audio entertainment.
This is a 3D Audio/Visual Web Browser Multiplayer Presentation from Tegleg Records.

Simply install the Unity Browser plugin  http://unity3d.com/webplayer/
Then load up http://www.tegleg.co.uk

As it is multiplayer you are asked if you want to 'Start a Server', if there are other people playing already you will will have the option to 'Connect' to a game. When selected a 'Click Here To Play' will pop up in the lower left. Click it and you away, moving around with your arrow keys or wasd keys. You can jump with the spacebar..

To play the music simply walk through one of the play boxes near the artists name. The track will start playing as soon as it has downloaded the audio file from the server - could take up to about one minute depending on the size of the file.

The boxes, the balls and the tegleg spaceman all have an audio reverb zone attached so when you are near the music your listening to will have a reverb effect. Some sound  different, try em all out....

A few other hidden functions can be found and it is still in development.