Friday 29 May 2009

New! Sporsmaal2 - Leg n Bass Collection

Sporsmaal2 - Leg n Bass Collection

Featuring a JAKE HOOK Remix

Available from Tegleg Records

and many more...

Tuesday 19 May 2009

Coming Soon!
Tegleg Digital
Our releases on Tegleg Digital will be available on most good music sites.
stay tuned for more...

Saturday 2 May 2009

Out & about in the wilderness

Took a ride on my cycle out of the city passed the outer boundery up into wild parts, down winding lane & meandering track. Along woodland way past the ruined church in sight of the fishing lakes, then an abrupt turn off the beaten track into wilder parts. Lost in the woods accross the blue carpet all tracks lead to entanglement. Escape from the maze out to a small clearing, time to fill belly and quench thirst. Distant sounds of forrest activity, fishermen celebrating the big catch, a dog barks on a nearby farm, motorcross bikes encroach ever closer but still hidden from view then race into the distance.
Make contact with the ground, sub-tectonic resonances filter up through fingers & toes, roots spread deeper sucking from the core. Stand up mojo rising branches spread roots dig deeper then jump up and release exploding like a super nova wings unfold. For one moment now & forever released from the ground suspended above the forest canapy. Then back down to earth recharged & fizzing with electrickery. Ahh thats better.......