Sunday 4 December 2011

Sponic Mesh 3 - send us your tunez

Sponic Mesh is a project created by Tegleg Records which gives new and exciting artists/musicians the opportunity to collaborate, share and release a compilation of unique and inspirational audio material together.

In 2003, Dan Cross received funding from Hull Time Based Arts to produce a compilation CD Sponic Mesh featuring local electronic producers and sound artists. This project was released under the name Tegleg Records.

25 Track Compilation CD
Haunting, reflective, cheeky, playful, twisted and sublime. 

Sponic Mesh takes the listener on a journey through many different moods and and textures. Featuring a collection of talented artists and producers from diverse backgrounds.

From the Drill n Bass beat trickery of Jaqc Sporadic to Keith Bianchi's reworking of the Highway Code for the ASBO generation in 'Driving Success' to the sultry electronica of u39c to Rae Grebby's hilarious interweaving of Star Trek and The Three Stooges in 'Two Exponents' to sublime sound-scape of DXN's 'Inside the String Machine'. Sponic Mesh definitely amounts to more than the sum of its parts.
For anyone wishing to bend and twist their idea of what electronic music should be, take a ride with Sponic Mesh.

In 2007, Dan Cross formed a collective with fellow Tegleg artists Keith Bianchi and Mick Robinson transforming Tegleg Records in to what it is now. With that Sponic Mesh 2, a double CD release was formed.

2 CD's with 40 tracks and 20 artists

Sponic Mesh two is a double CD compilation from Tegleg Records (Hull, UK) showcasing a diverse range of local and international artists. This is the second release in the Sponic Mesh series featuring an impressive collection of forty tracks by twenty artists. Sponic Mesh Two brings together an eclectic mix of styles that gel with a sense of atmosphere running throughout the two CDs.
Many of the Tegleg regulars are also back in Sponic Mesh Two. Plastic Carcass and Jacq Sporadic treat you to some more drill n bass antics. Rae Grebby enlightens you with a musical twist on his usual cut-up cheekiness, and Klint Fostex brings another helping of his midi jazz style.
Hull’s rising star of electronica Endoflevelbaddie makes an appearance on CD1 with a more down tempo offering than his usual dance floor orientated style, taking you on a magical trip through the ‘Giant Mushroom Forest’.
Other great new artists emerge from the UK, with contributions from Mr Bear, Url Sruggs, Trey Electric, Cad Barga, Lutkin, Kalabi and Hyper Sonic Resonator. International artists such as OcOsi (SPAIN), Cagey House (USA) and Squid Leader (USA), RandomDotEns (FRANCE) also make fine contributions to this dynamic and electrifying compilation.
Available in mp3 format and limited edition double CD with a specially designed laser cut case, grab yourself a copy before they run out.


So now we come to SPONIC MESH 3, a new compilation open for submissions for anyone creating new unique electronic music.

Compilation Details - This will be a Promotional FREE to download Release and NOT FOR SALE. It'll be posted on the site and other various sites with links to artists and details.
Our aim is to help get your music out there so it can be heard and enjoyed by people who respect different styles of electronic music.

Submission Details -(Please note - before submitting please read through the above details about what Sponic Mesh is and do have a listen to previous tracks)
(remember this is a free to download - not for sale compilation for promotional and non-profit)
Please DO NOT send us anything you have commercially released yourself or might be thinking of releasing.
You must only send us your own tracks and have the rights to those tracks.
You may submit up to 5 tracks.
Your tracks must be more that 30 seconds in time and less than 6 minutes long.
Please include an Artist image in .jpg format (600px - 600px)
*You may include a track image in .jpg format (600px - 600px)
Please include a paragraph of text about you and/or your band.
*You may include a paragraph of text about your track.(one per track)
Please include any links to your website or social/band pages.

Please upload your tracks as a .wav or .mp3 (320kbps - at Constant Bit Rate (CBR)) format to dropbox or any other file share site and send us the link to
* =optional

Deadline - 1st of April 2012

if you need any other info please don't hesitate to email us or comment below.

Tegleg Records promotes artists / musicians working in electronic / digital music & phonic / sonic art / electro / acid / dubstep / drill n bass / mashup / techno / breakcore / dogstep / experimental / glitchtronica / mentalism / spazmodic simulation.

Keifyb - An Alternative Christmas Vibe Ep

If your looking for something new, something fresh or something different for Christmas then look no further. Forget the obvious x-factor versus random old tune shenanigans and inspire to something worthwhile. 

Keifyb brings a mix of the warm fuzziness you come to expect from your Christmas selection and a slightly twisted at the edges perspective of the holiday season. 'An Alternative Christmas Vibe' is unlike any Christmas EP out there, so get on your dancing shoes or chill out to this amazing vibe.

Keifyb - An Alternative Christmas Vibe Ep is available worldwide for digital download NOW at many online stores. Here are just a few of the links -






O2 online



It can also be streamed from places like Spotify, Zune Plus and various other places.
For more info check out

Numerical - A Sense Of Neglect EP

After a lengthy hiatus, Numerical returns with his brand new EP 'A Sense Of Neglect'.
Packed with exciting new sounds and styles, "A Sense of Neglect" shows how much Numerical has grown since his first release on Tegleg Records.

Grab your copy of this energetic EP Available 16th of January 2012, at all your favorite online stores. Check out for more info.

Thursday 10 November 2011


Tegleg Records is proud to present


TegTracker on Android Market

Music production app for Android 3.0 and above. a DAW with a traditional tracker style interface.

8 tracks, 8 built in samples, 32 step sequencer (at the moment).

This app is at the start of its development cycle and therefore has limited features.
The long term goal of this app is to provide a platform for musicians to make music and play it live on an android device.
The tracker interface is a personal preference of the developer.

If you would like to participate in its development in any way please buy it and put forward your suggestions.

To Do: get in at the start and you can have a say in how its done :)
import samples
pitch and volume control
pattern sequencer
export song as wav/record live
record sample with mic
sample editor
excelent live interface
your suggestion?

Sunday 18 September 2011

New Sporsmaal2 Ep OUT NOW!

Sporsmaal2 - Monkey Feet - Available NOW!

To gain entry into the strange world of Sporsmaal one must first take a very English citizenship test. Heed well the verbal guide to cultural mores and accepted modes of communication. There’s the sci-fi backdrop of reverb sounds you’ve come to expect from Sporsmaal’s particular brand of electronica threaded with spoken word from the Pygmalion school of elocution.

Find More Ace Stuff @

Monday 8 August 2011

Free Android Drum Machine from Tegleg Records

Tegleg Records presents
Teg Drums v1.1
A FREE Drum Machine for your Phone!

Download Here
or take your phones browser to 

Play drums by tapping on the numbers or with a 16 step sequencer 
with 3 instruments, kik, hat and snare. Start, stop and adjustable bpm.

For an Andriod phone or tablet.

Check out more Ace Stuff at

Tuesday 21 June 2011

Tegleg Multiplayer Beta - try it out now

The latest from tegleg records comes in the form of a Multiplayer online game with cars, aliens and chat. Built using the Unity 3d engine we are testing out the platform and trying things out to see what we can do with it. 
This is easy to use and works in the web browser so no faffing around, what are you waiting for? Click the Tegleg Multiplayer Beta banner above or click the link.

Let us know what you think and your suggestions could help shape this online content.

Wednesday 1 June 2011

Keifyb - Omg, have you heard this? - OUT NOW!

Omg, have you heard this? Well, you haven't heard any thing till you've heard this.
This album is an enlightening array of simple yet complex, psychedelic, electronic twists and turns. Engaging yet unintrusive to take your mind on a magical journey.
For anyone looking to relax and stimulate the senses or dancing till you drop, this album caters for all.

Track List:
  • 1. Sign Dancing
  • 2. Please Dont Bite Me
  • 3. Cruzing Into Reality
  • 4. The Almighty Space Box
  • 5. Raggamuff
  • 6. Skys At Night
  • 7. Tegleg Groove
  • 8. Pure Delight
  • 9. Please Kick Your Own Face In
  • 10. Almost Income Based
  • 11. Tesco Value Shizz Disco
  • 12. Plop In My I
  • 13. The Joy Of Mustard
  • 14. Great Freckle
  • 15. Something Not Quite Right Ere
  • 16. Unkink
  • 17. To Stay At Home

Available in all good digital stores, including:

.....and many more.

Please Don't Bite Me - Preview

More info coming soon to
For many other Keifyb tunes visit
Also don't forget you can DOWNLOAD FREE KEIFYB MUSIC off this post -

Monday 16 May 2011

Free Tegleg PC Game

A silly Vehicle Capture The Flag type game made by Tegleg Records.
Single and Multi-Player support.

Drive your car around and smash into the car with
the blue light, use turbo to go mental!
Keep the light to increase your score.
You explode and win a TEG point when you reach 200.
The objective of the game is to win TEG points.

Respawn and find a glowing blue ball located near
the centre of the map.
The car that gets the ball will become the ‘light holder’
and will gain no points.

Music in this game is available from
Have Fun!

Mouse - Look, Fire
Arows - Move, Look
W, A, S, D - Move
Space - Turbo
E - Enter Vehicle
V - Change Cam
R - Look Back
Left Shift - Sprint
K - Mute/Change music

also supports Xbox 360 Pad


Monday 2 May 2011

Tuesday 19 April 2011

OUT NOW! RandomDotEns - Crust Fiesta and the Demented Foot

RandomDotEns - Crust Fiesta and the Demented Foot

Artifical intelligence based on low frequency oscillators.

RandomDotEns is a project by Mick Robinson also known as Sporsmaal2
The music is generated by software designed by Mick which uses random low frequency oscillators to alter every parameter of the sound, so the music is constantly shifting and evolving, composing itself.
Resulting in lurching minimal machine funk.

Download From:
and many more...

Sunday 3 April 2011

Keifyb - Omg, have you heard this

Keifyb has a new album coming out soon.....

Omg, have you heard this? Well, you haven't heard any thing till you've heard this.
This album is an enlightening array of simple yet complex, psychedelic, electronic twists and turns. Engaging yet unintrusive to take your mind on a magical journey.
For anyone looking to relax and stimulate the senses or dancing till you drop, this album caters for all.

Coming to all good digital stores - 1st June 2011
More info coming soon to
For many other Keifyb tunes visit 
Also don't forget you can DOWNLOAD FREE KEIFYB MUSIC off this post -

Wednesday 9 March 2011

Out Soon! RandomDotEns

After a long time in development RandomDotEns has produced a fantastic 5 track E.P.
called Crust Fiesta and the Demented Foot.
RandomDotEns is artifical intelligence based on low frequency oscillators.

Available from 17/4/2011 at most good mp3 stores.

Saturday 12 February 2011

Thursday 3 February 2011

Big Phil Records, home of Mr Bear

Mr Bear has been really busy laterly, sorting out his sexy new album 'No sleep till bleep' and making his new website Big Phil Records!

This is the online home of Mr Bear, Pianobong, Big Phil Art, and any other projects he has. Have a look, listen to some music, watch some videos, download some free stuff, sign the guestbook, join the mailing list. It will be updated with new stuff regularly, so keep on checking in. Feedback is always appreciated, as is constructive critisism.

So check out Mr Bear's brand new uber amazing website right here at

Thursday 6 January 2011

seismic sub low

seismic sub low way low how d'you get down there low, a rattling ear carcass thrumbs the rickety bone fence, we got shuffling gutter chins and a tin finger, a tinderbox dog wagon & a mouth full of pins, the hip bone's connected to the eye bone, the ally cats are dancing on a dead man's chest.....