Monday 31 May 2010

Numerical - An Acquired Taste

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Saturday 15 May 2010

OUT NOW! Rae Grebby - Frop

OUT NOW! Rae Grebby - Frop

Rae Grebby is a master of cut n paste music. Taking sounds from a wide variety of sources, he manipulates, destroys, cuts up and arranges them into beautifuly sculpted peices of truly inspired music. 'Frop' is his second solo release on Tegleg Records / Tegleg Digital.

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  • 1. Alan Bennet Poetry In Motion
  • 2. Shabash
  • 3. Dream On
  • 4. Publand
  • 5. Awoft
  • 6. Office Berk In The Office Of The Future
  • 7. Brother Barko
  • 8. Romance
  • 9. Breaking Up The Barriers Of The Cell Membran