Tuesday 9 December 2014

Tegleg Records (Est. 2003) is an independent record label specializing in electronic music.
This Christmas we are giving away some of our tunes to a few lucky people with a select number of free vouchers. We will be adding artists and albums to the list as santa gets ready for his big day.

Numbers are limited so Grab Yours Now! (ends 31/1/2015)

RandomDotEns - Crust Fiesta and the Demented Foot
RandomDotEns is artificial intelligence based on random low frequency oscillations, the music is constantly shifting and evolving, composing itself. Resulting in lurching minimal machine funk.

Rae Grebby - Penguins on the Moon
Rae Grebby is a master of cut n paste music. Taking sounds from a wide variety of sources, he manipulates, destroys, cuts up and arranges them into beautifully sculpted pieces of truly inspired music.

Numerical - An Acquired Taste
Dark ambient Dubstep. Nicholas Rodrigues alias Numerical is a dubstep producer from London, currently living in Ireland.

Sporsmaal2 - Leg n Bass Collection
bleeding sci-fi beats and bass into a lattice framework, a tangled web of technological noise. Faster now we career into cavernous halls, cathedral like in my mind's construct simply dripping with echoic tone.

DxN - Kelper Sun
Kepler Sun EP begins with the brooding cinematic melody of Kepler Sun. Amoeba picks up the pace with disjointed polyrhythmic electro. King Crab lurches like an armor plated glitch-dub beast. Lithosphere interweaves tight electro-funk rhythms. Lava finishes off with it's warped twisting space warble. 

U39C - The U39C Recordings
Chilled out glitchy and bass heavy electronics (Sporsmaal2 / RandomDotEns / Spazoobertron) are tastefully sweetened by the heavenly vocal stylings of Sarah Johns (Mr Beasley / Cool Fun / Sarah Johns Music Party). With a mix of live and studio recordings 'The U39C Recordings' present a rare opportunity to experience the magic of U39C.

Keifyb - An Alternative Christmas Vibe
If your looking for something new, something fresh or something different for Christmas then look no further. Forget the obvious x-factor versus random old tune shenanigans and inspire to something worthwhile. Keifyb brings a mix of the warm fuzziness you come to expect from your Christmas selection and a slightly twisted at the edges perspective of the holiday season. 'An Alternative Christmas Vibe' is unlike any Christmas EP out there, so get on your dancing shoes or chill out to this amazing vibe. 

Codes are in the linked .txt file(s) Below, only 25 for each album, if a code doesnt work somebody already used it so try another one.

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Go Here to claim your prezzy https://www.feiyr.com/voucher

Have fun listening to the music and Have an Ace Christmas!

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