Tuesday 21 June 2011

Tegleg Multiplayer Beta - try it out now

The latest from tegleg records comes in the form of a Multiplayer online game with cars, aliens and chat. Built using the Unity 3d engine we are testing out the platform and trying things out to see what we can do with it. 
This is easy to use and works in the web browser so no faffing around, what are you waiting for? Click the Tegleg Multiplayer Beta banner above or click the link.

Let us know what you think and your suggestions could help shape this online content.

Wednesday 1 June 2011

Keifyb - Omg, have you heard this? - OUT NOW!

Omg, have you heard this? Well, you haven't heard any thing till you've heard this.
This album is an enlightening array of simple yet complex, psychedelic, electronic twists and turns. Engaging yet unintrusive to take your mind on a magical journey.
For anyone looking to relax and stimulate the senses or dancing till you drop, this album caters for all.

Track List:
  • 1. Sign Dancing
  • 2. Please Dont Bite Me
  • 3. Cruzing Into Reality
  • 4. The Almighty Space Box
  • 5. Raggamuff
  • 6. Skys At Night
  • 7. Tegleg Groove
  • 8. Pure Delight
  • 9. Please Kick Your Own Face In
  • 10. Almost Income Based
  • 11. Tesco Value Shizz Disco
  • 12. Plop In My I
  • 13. The Joy Of Mustard
  • 14. Great Freckle
  • 15. Something Not Quite Right Ere
  • 16. Unkink
  • 17. To Stay At Home

Available in all good digital stores, including:

.....and many more.

Please Don't Bite Me - Preview

More info coming soon to http://www.tegleg.co.uk
For many other Keifyb tunes visit http://www.reverbnation.com/keifyb
Also don't forget you can DOWNLOAD FREE KEIFYB MUSIC off this post - http://teglegrecords.blogspot.com/2011/02/keifybs-freebies-2001-2003.html