Thursday 10 November 2011


Tegleg Records is proud to present


TegTracker on Android Market

Music production app for Android 3.0 and above. a DAW with a traditional tracker style interface.

8 tracks, 8 built in samples, 32 step sequencer (at the moment).

This app is at the start of its development cycle and therefore has limited features.
The long term goal of this app is to provide a platform for musicians to make music and play it live on an android device.
The tracker interface is a personal preference of the developer.

If you would like to participate in its development in any way please buy it and put forward your suggestions.

To Do: get in at the start and you can have a say in how its done :)
import samples
pitch and volume control
pattern sequencer
export song as wav/record live
record sample with mic
sample editor
excelent live interface
your suggestion?