Friday, 2 October 2009

Hardcoreyoutube - Yeswecan OUT NOW!

New Release!

Hardcoreyoutube - yeswecan

Experimental, Hardcore, Electronica

Hardcore youtube is an internet / e-mail based electronic / experimental music collaboration between a number of artists.

Yeswecan is their first release on Tegleg Records.

Hardcoreyoutube - Yeswecan

Track List:

  • 1. Free Myspace Yahoo Msn Aol

  • 2. Funny Market Evolution

  • 3. Obama Space Robot

  • 4. Twitter Is Shit

  • 5. Sonyericssonsamsungu600iphone3gfixfixnokia6300

  • 6. Searchqwindowshelpieutf-8oeutf-8atrlsorgmozillaen-GBfficialclientfirefox-a

  • 7. Microsoft Mutilation Apple deathwish

  • 8. BBC MPs Expenses Violent Police

Download from:


  1. hardcore electronics!
    get some of this down yer

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