Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Tegleg Records Mega Live Web Blast

tegleg </ins>recordsTegleg Records Mega Live Web Blast is

18th july 2009..................

would you like to watch or get involved in a live experimental electronic webcast? Join Tegleg Records in this exclusive event, with some of the UK's finest up coming electronic artists.

DXN, Keifyb, Applemax, Klint Fostex and Rae Grebby all playing stuff they like.

When, 18th of July 2009 and available from the * *links** after to stream again and again.

Where, on your computer, live in your living room or at a wifi camp site or what ever. :P


good direct audio but no background noise, crap webcam (5hours)


compressed laptop mic audio with background noise, cool xbox webcam (3hours)

we also have a tegleg records youtube channel so please check that out too.


  1. I'll be tuning into webcast can't wait proper mashup ayeeeeee!!!!!!!!

  2. pls note this is just a tst for a possible live web jam!!!! pls get involvd