Saturday, 6 February 2010

Apple Max - User Guide Out Now!

Apple Max (Hull, UK)

Electronica / Ska / Punk 

Apple Max's audio swarms virus through your brain, veering wildly between lurching cut and paste ska mashups through lo-fi 2 bit grunge-a-thons to crystalline digital ambience whilst always maintaining the queasy edge between humour and discomfort.

User Guide Album Out Now!.............

User Guide lurches across your vision like a crack addled baboon gibbering tales of oatmeal based psychosis, haunted televisions and the wedding reception from hell. The stumbling grooves and sickly washes of ambience insinuate the nervous system causing involuntary spasms, warped perceptions and a complete loss of balance in 25% of test subjects...

Release date: 06/02/2010

you can find and all the links to buy this amazing album from
heres youtube applemax but also check him out at


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  2. Whats up! Wonderful idea, but could this actually perform?